Pride: All Day, Every Day!

Starting Nelsonville, Ohio's very first Pride event!

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Small FAQ:

Why not have the event in Pride month?
Pride doesn't end with June. As LGBTQIA+ folk, we were here before June, and we are still here after!
With the recent anti-trans and anti-drag laws going up around the country, we couldn't stand idle and wait for Ohio to go down too. Starting this event while others are being taken down is a way to fight against unconstitutional laws that take away our right to be ourselves. Our pushback is a party to celebrate ourselves, never to let anyone forget that we are human and worth it. We are always here, even after June.

Who is starting this event?
Theodore Holiday is the current Seora board member representing Nelsonville Pride and manages the organizing and hosting of meetings and the mini events that lead up to the main event. However, the event is Nelsonville's! The creation and planning are open to the public, and every voice is heard equally! We all have great ideas, so going into this, we wanted to make sure this event was for Nelsonville, by Nelsonville. Let's show everybody what Nelsonville's flavor of Pride looks like!

If you'd like to get involved, check out our events page to find out when we meet! Everyone is welcome at any time!

Nelsonville's first Pride event is one not planned by any one person or organization but anybody in Nelsonville! This event is not "our" event but Nelsonville's event!

Nelsonville's first Pride event is a branch of Seora, organizing the event to make it the best it can be!

Want to get involved in planning our upcoming event? Sign up today and join Nelsonville Pride: All Day, Every Day!

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